Our AI Makes One-on-One Coaching Scalable

Get personalized sales coaching without the exorbitant cost

In an ideal world, every sales rep would have access to a dedicated one-on-one coach, guiding them through every call. However, the reality is that such personalized coaching comes at an exorbitant cost. Hiring a full-time sales trainer today demands a median salary of $67,983, amounting to an additional $679,830 for a team of 10 reps. The added customer acquisition cost makes success impossible.

But with SignalFlow, you can provide a full-time coach to every sales rep without breaking the bank. Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, SignalFlow offers the most scalable sales training solution available. Imagine your top closer sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with each rep, identifying pain points, recognizing buying signals, addressing objections, and sharing the secret codes to close deals. Only this time, it’s AI serving as the coach, revolutionizing the way sales reps achieve success.